Atlanta Furniture Consignment

We consign and sell only high quality, name brand furniture to the public. We are entering our third decade of selling quality antiques and fine furniture to discerning customers. Our client list includes some of the finest homes and government residences in Atlanta, Charleston, Washington D.C., New Orleans, New York and across the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.

Where we get our furniture:

  1. Consignments from individuals and companies
  2. Estate sales
  3. Insurance sales
  4. Furniture and decorator showroom closeouts and floor samples
  5. Factory closings and seconds
  6. Freight line damaged items
  7. English and French Antique Importers

Our Background:

We began in the 1980’s by buying quality antiques and fine furniture from estate sales. If necessary, we made repairs and refinished pieces . Since the beginning, we have expanded to consignments of quality fine furniture and actively buying from estate sales, showrooms, factories, etc.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Stores :

Our formula of success is we primarily offer recognizable name brand, high end furniture which in many cases is only a few years old. We usually are able to sell these pieces at less than half (in many cases much less than half) of the original showroom prices. To add value to our products, we have a full complement of skilled furniture craftsmen and finishers on staff that can do anything from “refreshing” a piece to making major repairs. In most cases the furniture you buy will look as good or better than when it was new.

Name Brand Furniture:

We primarily only consign and sell high end furniture with recognizable names such as: Baker, Henredon, Hickory Chair, Hickory White, Council, Leighton Hall, Century, Drexel, Henkel Harris, Stickley, etc. We are not affiliated with any furniture company and are not authorized dealers. We only seek-out quality name brand furniture as it comes available, therefore most of our inventory is a “single item available” and can not be “ordered”.

What We Do:

Once a piece is brought to our shop, we evaluate it and make “touch-ups” as necessary. In some instances we completely refinish the pieces and make any needed repairs. If it is a relatively “new” piece (less than 20 years old), we try to make it look better than new. If it is an older piece (75 years or more) we try to make “touch-ups” and still keep the original character of the piece.

How To Consign With Us:

We welcome consignments from individuals, showrooms and factories. We have the following criteria: 

  1. Quality high-end furniture, preferably from a recognizable manufacturer
  2. Traditional Mahogany, walnut or cherry pieces are preferred
  3. Item(s) must be in excellent condition